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About Eclipse: The Periphery

Eclipse: The Periphery is the first installment in a computer role-playing saga set in the unique world of Kraalak. Within this site you should find all of the existing development and design notes, concept art etc. relating to this epic saga. While at the moment this site is purely for internal development, at some later date, much of this content will be ported to a public site.

The main sections listed in the top menu bar are elaborated upon below:

Home: This title page.
Design Diary: The thoughts and processes made by many of the design team.
Downloads: Executables like playable demos, patches etc.
Features: The highlighted features of this game series so far.
Screenshots: The latest and greatest in-game images. Some of the earlier ones won't be quite as spiffy as the final product!
Storyline: The epic story so far ...


Latest News

26th January:
Added regional maps to Storyline section
The storyline, history and geo-political references in this section have been enhanced with small regional maps highlighting each realm. Click here to examine the Storyline section of this web-site.

26th January:
Implemented News Archive section
As it has been sometime since this web-site was last updated, we've implemented the News Archive section and relocated all old news items from 2000 here.


The News Archive

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Contact the creators of Eclipse

The designers of Eclipse: The Periphery can be reached at the following addresses:


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